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Frontier Systems, the first digital engine designed to unite the textile industry supply chain. It streamlines your workflow and shares a global warehouse right to your screen.

With Frontier, your process becomes simpler, and your life is easier.

Frontier is a cloud-based platform that brings together the best tools for people/professionals who work in textile business today. You can search, create and share fabric collection anywhere on any device.

All new ways of fabric searching, made by people who are passionate about design and can no longer stand looking through swatch boxes to put together a collection. We've trained 4 AI engines to perform different types of searches:
- Fabric type
- Pattern and design
- Emotion
- End use.

Putting a new item online only takes 2 mins. Print out QR code with our sales app, stick it on your fabric, scan, and you're done. You can upload your entire current library by scheduling a demo with us.

Having difficulties in locating the actual fabric and updating the stock information?

Organize your sample room by employing our IoT stock tracker. It is a cloud-based fabric stock management system combined with IoT device that measures inbound/outbound stock quantity and records inventory location.

A mobile APP that records, captures and shares fabric quality information to every stakeholder.

  • Quality verification: this feature allows garment factory to verify whether actual bulk quality is consistent with the inspection report.
  • Defect distribution: a comprehensive graph is provided showing defect positions in relation to the whole roll, which will increase factory efficiency and output.
  • Reduce cost and time spent on claim settlement by 90%.

Why brands and factories choose us?

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